ICSM Class of 2018...

One year countdown begins, the end is nigh,
After many great years you will say goodbye;
Get ready for the greatest send off there has ever been,
It’s STFYD 2018!

The evening will be a glamourous affair,
With all your closest friends and lecturers there!
With mouth watering food from starters to mains,
And speeches that take you down memory lane.

You might have heard summer ball will no longer occur,
After years of dwindling attendees there were.
So the date for your STFYD changes to April from Jan,
And includes colours within its plans.

Before you head to your electives abroad,
You will all reunite to celebrate once more.
Ending your medical school journey here at last,
The moment on which ICSM becomes a treasure of your past.

So, as the next few months begin to progress,
You’ll hear of what the night will possess,
But for now just keep the date absolutely free
…April the 7th 2018.